Finding Background Music for Radio Commercials

Jeco Music is one of the premier suppliers of music-to-go that is used in TV, and film, as well as background music for radio commercials. Use our background music search engine to find the perfect stock music for use in TV or radio advertisements. We have divided our music library into three different categories for easy browsing and searching.

  1. The Score – The music in the Score category is intended for use primarily in television and film. Music is commonly used to reinforce or set the proper tone or invoke a particular emotion in a scene. The wide variety of music in the Score can be used for this purpose. A couple of examples - menacing background music can be perfect to introduce the villain or set the proper tone for scene taking place in their lair the same way an uplifting song can heighten the audiences emotional investment in two lovers’ joyful reunion. Jeco Music can provide the perfect audio for these scenes and many more. Browse our site or give us a call for some custom content.
  2. The Source – In this category fully developed songs can be the right sound needed when a character turns on the TV or radio. Consider the scene in a film where the hero wakes up to his radio alarm clock. Licensing for a popular song can be expensive and the songs in The Source category are meant to provide an alternative. Now that we have peaked your interest in this area be sure to listen to a few variations.
  3. The Spot – The Spot is one of our more popular service categories. Songs in the spot are great for providing background music for radio commercials as well as television. This large selection of tracks can be quickly and easily searched using our search to find the proper audio to play behind any commercial. 

Background Music Search - Jeco

Finding the right music for commercials, television shows, films, or radio spots can be extremely difficult and tiresome, especially if this is new to you. There is so much low quality and even more poorly written music to be found when searching the internet for a song or tune. Thatís why Jeco Music has created their background Music Search Engine. The free Jeco Music search engine has simplified the process of finding the background music or score substantially. An added benefit is that, as a client, you never have to bother with tracking down a particular composer or author because Jeco Music owns the rights to all the music in their library. It really is that easy, so get started today!

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