Background Music for Radio Commercials

The music you’ll find in our library is actually a result of our custom composing projects, done to order for corporations, producers and many others who seek original music. We create music for commercial spots, background music for radio commercials, television productions and cinema. Take an audio “tour” by selecting “Original Music”: you’ll understand why TV programs like “House” and corporations promoting Caress and Lever 2000 have turned to Jeco for results.

When we create original music, we actually compose several versions. What our clients don’t use, we place in a growing library of music you can download. So if you are conducting a background music search, welcome to, where searching is not only free, it’s smart. Start searching the music library and see what we mean.

More information: Easy Access Music For Commercials

Background Music Search

It’s easy to search and import what works for your project. Looking for just the right tracks for background music for radio commercials or TV spots? Follow these steps. To begin a background music search of our 30- and 60-second commercial-length tracks, you can:

More information: Background Music For Radio Commercials