Download Production Music

Whether you’re working on a 30 second TV spot or a feature film, that project is your baby. You wouldn’t trust your baby to just anyone, and because you can’t create your own music, it’s important to find a creative original music and music licensing provider that will treat the music for your project with as much care as you would, if you had the necessary skills.

When it’s time to download production music, make sure you’re getting your music from a company you can trust – a company like Jeco Music.

Jeco Music provides original music for a variety of projects, and has recently become known as the premier music licensing company. Whether you need an original music score for a feature film or fully produced songs to be used in the background of a television scene or music for commercials, Jeco Music has what you’re looking for.

Find an Original Music Score

Finding the music you’re looking for is easy with Jeco Music. First, search Jeco Music’s extensive library for the original music score that you’re looking for. Jeco has three different libraries – all with mp3s for specific purposes – and which the library you search will depend upon what type of file you are looking for. When you find tracks you like, add them to your bin, and then begin the (free) registration process.

When you have decided which track to use and it is time to download production music, contact Jeco Music for the current rate. Rates vary widely depending on the use of the track, and it is important to keep in mind that Jeco Music is a premium music library, and not a seller of traditional “stock” music. No elevator music here – Jeco Music provides the best in the business.

So, begin your search today. We look forward to working with you and to making your project a success.