Music for Commercials

Jeco Music is set up to provide easy access to great, original quality compositions. We’re industry leaders in providing music for advertising, whether television, cinema, or radio. We also supply dynamic political ad music. You’ll find two main services here: We’ll create original pieces for you. And because we do that, we also have a large storehouse of completely original (not stock, not canned, not cut down) music you can find and procure for you advertising.

You can use the simple search tools to select music for commercials. You’ll find three categories for easy browsing and searching: The Score, The Source, and The Spot. One of the most well used services The Spot includes songs that further, support or embellish advertising spots. Run a quick search and let us know if you find something you like.

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Political Ad Music

It can be a challenge to find the right music for political ads. What’s more, the music can really make or break an ad, so it matters what’s playing in the background. If you’re looking for the right political ad music and you’re trying to stay far way from “stereotypical” and “canned,” you’re in the right place. Run a search by mood, genre, tempo or instrument type here and find the right music for commercials that will hold sway.

Get started:

What if you have no idea what kind of music will be best for your political ads? Try the VMC, a survey you can use to narrow your options. Just click on a few radio button and then view and listen to a shortlist of possible options. You can even do back and revise your answers in some areas if the music you’re hearing lets you know you’re definitely in the market for something else.

Still need help? Let us know. We can work with you to create something original or we’ll be happy to answer general questions by email or address specific questions by phone. See contact info located at the bottom of every page.

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