Other Free Music Search Engines

If youíre a marketing or advertising professional responsible for creating a campaign for an important client, you know the scenario: You pore over scores of music samples from countless free music search engines for just the right track for their campaign, only to end up with a handful of familiar-sounding music beds. While they may be outstanding, few truly stand out, and none exactly fit your clientís brand personality and unique message. The end result is a project that may be good, but not necessarily memorable.

Jeco Music isnít like other free music search engines. While we do offer an impressive selection of pre-existing scores, each piece in our collection is produced with exceptional thoughtfulness and care. All fresh Ė nothing canned.

Jeco Free Music Search Engine

Jecomusic.com goes above and beyond other companies. The stock music beds you might find at another free music search engine is not JecoMusic.com's limit of tracks for you to browse. Our expansive library includes huge collections of original selections produced for a number of specific advertising and entertainment purposes:

We encourage you to experience Jeco’s free music search engine for yourself to see the extensiveness of our libraries. Our team of talented composers has produced impressive music for some of the biggest advertising campaigns in media today, from American Express to Pepsi to Volvo, as well as for popular television programs and movies, such as “House,” “The Practice,” “Under the Tuscan Sun” and so much more.

To get a firsthand sampling of Jeco Music’s impressive resume, visit our Original Music page and listen to a few of the hundreds of long form tracks, and well as the advertising spots we’ve made famous with our original scores. Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach Executive Producer Gus Reyes or our East Coast or West Coast offices.