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You dont really know how music will affect a picture until you try it. When we write original music for a spot, well do several pieces to find what works best. In the end, only one can be used. So over time, weve accumulated a treasure trove of diverse, great-sounding commercial-length tracks. Weve opened the chest, and created this library.


Use the revolutionary VMC to answer a short series of questions about your spot and explore an assortment of musical possibilities, some of which may be unexpected, but work remarkably well. Take the tour or try it now.
Type your own keywords or choose from preselected search terms to narrow the field of choices. Sometimes its fun to just thumb through stuff, so feel free to browse our entire library. Download tracks, or add to your bin right from the results page. Happy hunting!
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It may take some time to download, but we promise it will be worth it. Add our library to yours in iTunes or any other music server of your choosing. High quality mp3 or non-compressed aif format.

Appropriate licenses must be obtained for any use or broadcast of material contained within this library. © JECO MUSIC.
Unauthorized use of any material contained in this library is a violation of applicable laws. Tracks containing live vocals may be subject to additional fees and/or residual payments.