Music for Radio Advertising

See our “the spot” tracks, created for targeted radio campaigns and thus rich, diverse, complex and worthy of your sound ad(some may be custom jingles that you are familiar with). You can listen here and then contact us about rates. Once the right music for advertising your product or service is found, the rest is easy. Of course, we think you’ll be pleased with this music for radio advertising here and won’t mind spending a bit of your day browsing the jeco music library. Enjoy.

Music for Advertising: Select "Go"

You can listen to the spot mp3 demo for an instant taste of jeco flair, but to hear the full library of music for radio advertising, hover over “the spot” image and select “go”. You’ll see we’ve set up various ways to browse jeco tracks.


Once you’ve selected tracks, register with jeco and contact us to find out rates. Contact us by phone or email. We look forward to being so much more than just another music library, providing professionally created and produced pieces at competitive prices to support your spot’s genius.