Music Licensing Companies and Story

The music industry is not what it used to be. With the advent of the internet, free music search engines and a boom in freelance sourcing, options are more abundant, this is true. However, the ease with which you can find music that will do justice to your production has diminished.

Copyright issues surface, methods change, and budget and time constrictions may tighten, but the work of the composer remains the same, at least as far as we’re concerned.
We’re one of those music licensing companies committed to story; and multiple awards and a repeat client base attest to our take on things. Please browse the site at your leisure: Listen to the unique music our composers have been creating for actual film and TV productions and see how the concept of “story” makes our work more substantial, more emotionally accessible. Find out more about how the Jeco Music approach can support your scoring project and listen in.

Free Music Search Engines

A good way to find out what makes our tracks different is to simply listen to our music for free. Music search engines such as the one you’ll find here make it easier than ever to browse, download, and sample what we do.

It doesn’t take long to see how we’re different from other music licensing companies; it won’t take much to understand where story comes in and originality boosts the tracks we make. See what’s to your liking in our premium music libraries set up for 30 or 60 second spots, origional music score and songs or longer-length tracks designed for augmenting your next scoring project.

If you like what you hear, you may be interested in hiring Jeco Music to compose original music. Contact us in either our New York or Los Angeles studio. You can also send an email for general questions or contact our licensing information specialist for info about licensing.