Music Licensing Company

It’s easier than ever, everywhere you look, to find “sound” offerings, but if what you want is unique music created within context by talented composers, you may have had to do a bit more searching. Welcome to the Jeco Music library, where you can download production music possibilities that will impress your creative team and enrich your project.

Where does the bi-coastal Jeco Music licensing company get the music we offer here? It’s actually an offshoot of our custom composing process. Go to the website and you’ll see that we have contracted to create background music for commercial spots, television and film (you can listen in on what we’ve created by selecting “Original Music”). We create many versions for our clients and they pick the one they like. So we’ve organized the rest into a growing stock music library of carefully crafted music you can download. Production music companies are not hard to find. Those with our high standards are. Listen to what we’ve done and you’ll see just how “uncanned” our creations are.

Download Production Music Here

It’s easy to search and import what works for you project. Whether you need versatile tracks to fill in the gaps in your film or you are looking for just the right track for you commercial spot, chances are good we have it.

How to download production music here: