Unique Music Licensing Company

With so many different choices in musical tracks and accompaniment, advertising firms need a reliable source for music and audio clips. As a professional music licensing company, we write and compose our own material. There is no need to worry about copyright issues because we create exactly what you need, even background music for radio commercials. You can consider us your own music consultant when it comes to putting the sound portion of your projects together.

Free Music Search Engines - Find What You're Looking For

Since Jeco Music is an independent studio, our products are tailor made to our customers' needs. We have built an extensive list of songs and audio clips which are contained in our three distinct libraries. You can use our free music search engines to find the right song or clip to suit your needs. We also have a huge selection of background music. Search from any of the libraries or commission one of our producers in our music licensing company to write something completely original. Either way, you are bound to find something original and inspiring.

No Ordinary Stock Music Library - Completely Unique

Music is very special to us. It is our life's passion and we strive to create audio masterpieces for our clients. All of our composers fully believe in this philosophy and this reflects in their work. Sure, you can search any stock music library from other sources, and you can find some pretty decent clips. If you want decent sound and underscores for your advertisement or television show to add quality and artistic expression, however, we can assist you with our free music search engines. Our online music library and custom written masterpieces will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Background Music for Radio Commercials

Radio, as an advertising medium, has been around for a long time. There are those who might dismiss it is antiquated or irrelevant. The truth is, radio is more significant than you might realize. As an intricate component of advertising, background music for radio commercials reaches a captive audience. Most radio listeners are in their cars and there is no better way to reach them than with captivating musical tracks from our stock music library. Our online libraries are full of outstanding examples of engaging audio that is sure to grab your listeners' attention. Contact us today for more information.

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