Music Search Engine Online

Jeco Music offers premium tracks for your advertising, television, and film production needs. If you’re looking for a music search engine online, the Jeco Music library allows you to search for and audition tracks from our three different music libraries, and registration (all that is required for searching and auditioning tracks) is free.

Our free music search engine makes finding the tracks you need simple. First, decide which of the following libraries you should be searching in:

The Spot: The spot is a premium collection of 30 and 60 second tracks composed for advertising. No cutdowns here – listen to an mp3 demo on our website.

The Source: The source library features fully-produced songs with vocals and lyrics. It covers a wide range of styles and eras, and tracks from this library can serve a number of purposes.

The Score: The score could be called the underscore, as it consists of diverse, well-composed underscores for drama, reality, and film.

After selecting the right library, our free music search engine allows you to locate tracks you like in a number of ways. You can: 1) Hear what’s new; 2) Use classic search and browse techniques to identify tracks you like; or 3) download the entire library in iTunes or the music server of your choice.

After you’ve selected tracks you like, contact Jeco Music to use those tracks for your specific project. Rates vary depending on the popularity of tracks, but Jeco Music charges fair fees for the premium tracks that we offer. For more information on rates, continue browsing our website.

Our website, including our music search engine online, was intended to make your life easier. Created as a resource for you, our customer, we encourage you to continue browsing, and to contact us with any questions you have. Just click the link at the bottom of the homepage and use the provided information. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you on your next project.