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It seems as though the day you “discover” a truly hip song or instrumental track, it is suddenly turning up in everything from sneaker commercials to movie trailers to radio PSAs. What began as a one-of-a-kind jingle ends up plunked down in an anemic online music library, eventually used over and over again until it loses the singular charm that made it so special in the first place.

Unlike other online music search engines, Jeco Music doesn’t believe in “reruns.” We believe you get the most mileage from your music by making it uniquely your own.

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Don’t underestimate the power of an evocative score to alter the flavor and pitch of a scene, a message. Music transcends the mundane; it sweeps us up into something far bigger than the ordinary moment at hand.

If you need evidence of this, look no further than a handful of your favorite movie moments. Without John Williams’ menacing score, certain scenes in “Jaws” would have portrayed teens happily splashing along the seashore, with none of the foreshadowing of doom that made the looming shark so frightening. “Casablanca” could never have tugged at our heartstrings so effectively without the violin strings playing so artfully.

Let Jeco’s online music search engines imbue your medium and message with extraordinary clarity through pitch-perfect tracks and custom original music backdrops. If you’re just beginning to explore your musical options, make Jeco’s extensive online music library your starting point.

Our original compositions are “invisible” in their contexts and powerfully illustrative at the same time. A talented team of composers coaxes out the mood and meaning through music. With the right accompaniment, we focus viewers and listeners in on your message – both the literal message and the potent, unspoken sentiments hiding between the lines.