Jeco Music's Extensive Online Music Library

Finding the right song for a commercial spot is crucial to any product's market penetration. We can write custom jingles and match them perfectly to your client's product or service. Our online music library contains hundreds of examples of unique and inspiring audio tracks that are sure to grab the attention of any target audience.

Our composers are musical professionals who are constantly challenged and love to work on new and different projects. Since they work on many different types of writing assignments, their sense of creativity is not limited to any single musical genre. They can take their experiences working on television spots and apply them to radio, for instance. This keeps their creativity fresh as they are not constrained to working on the same types of projects day in and day out. We have an extensive online portfolio because of their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

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Custom Jingles for Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for audio tracks for advertising or background music for a full length feature production, you need something stands out. Our composers can work with you to create custom jingles for any type of radio spot. What sets Jeco Music apart from its competitors is that we work directly with our customers to create a memorable advertising piece. Music for radio advertising or television commercials is important for establishing brand identity and pulling in that target audience.

Music for Radio Advertising

A 15 or 30 second spot is not very long to attract and keep the attention of your listeners. Most radio spots are heard by consumers while they are driving their cars. Music for radio advertising is critically important to maintain this audience so they don't push buttons to change stations. By searching our online music library or enlisting one of our composers for custom made musical tracks, our clients can ensure that the listener will stay focused on the message without changing channels.