Original Music Score - tracks for your projects

These days, shrinking budgets and greater pressure to deliver sooner is creating a void in the advertising and background music area. JecoMusic.com has been designed to fill this void by offering original music score tracks. These are easy to search and select, let you score your projects with music that sounds custom—because it is custom from our music licensing company. How did we create a “stock music” library that doesn't sound canned? Each track in the JecoMusic library was written for an actual project, composed with great attention to nuance and complete with distinct emotional content. Those production music tracks for which we have retained the rights are now available to help keep your project on schedule and make it as successful as possible.

"Not So Stock" Music Library - Jeco

Please see the About Us page to find out what the composers here have been doing for big names and Emmy Award winning projects.

We’ve been providing commercial length tracks and song tracks for some time, but since early in 2009 we have also been offering an option that raises the bar on longer-length, original versions of what some might refer to as "stock music." Library selections in The Score, originally composed to scaffold specific drama, film and documentary productions, are ideal in a supplemental role. Added to original music created for your TV or film production, original music score tracks from The Score provide budget-conscious and creative solutions.

Create an account today(it's free!)and start browsing: The site is set up for easy search and intuitive use, so we hope you’ll take advantage and listen to options in The Spot, The Source and The Score.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibility of having us compose original music for your next project. Or simply let us know if you have a question or would like to find out more about how to make the most of the "not so stock" music here. We are looking forward to hearing from you.