Not Stock: Music Library for Ads

Available to you are :30 and :60 spot tracks, created for advertising and selected because they’ve met the Jeco Music performance standards. Search music for commercial-length scores that go far beyond stock. Music library options can be explored with the VMC (take the virtual tour!) or Classic Search & Browse. If you are already familiar with the spot library, you can hear what’s new and narrow your search to the past 3, 6 or 12 months. Finally, you can download the entire library in mp3 or aif format.

Learn about: Background Music Search 

TV, Film Music Library, Royalty Free

Use the classic form to search our television and film music library. Royalty free, these are tracks designed to support and enhance your creative projects. Just go to and select “the source” to listen to background music, fully produced sones, music for comercials and more. You can familiarize yourself with our whole library of tracks or you can select parameters for a search. Or do both. Take a few moments to get a feel for the Jeco Music selection, then run a Category Search by genre, type and tempo to narrow your options. Finally, if you just need to hear everything we currently carry in alternative, country, blues, instrumental or other types of music, use the search box. Just as with the spot options, you can also specify a search for new tracks. Interested in help with your score? If you don’t plan on using our custom scoring capabilities, you may find just the score tracks you need in the score library. Search by mood or feeling, genre and tempo or browse our full selection.

All New Music

Every Jeco Music library has royalty free tracks that were created for a purpose. Not canned, every selection you’ll hear was created in context, not a vacuum, not stock. Music library options here are about quality. Though our library tracks for spots, scores and television and film are not customized to your spot, scene or film, they are original and carry the versatility and quality needed to support your work. Hear for yourself.