Stock Music Library Options

Jeco Music believes that quality art direction deserves equal quality musical accompaniment. Our music libraries are carefully selected piece by piece and most of them include original music score. You can find just about anything that you need for your commercial, television show or presentation from one of our three separate musical libraries we have available on our site. Unlike a typical stock music library that is available online, our music is composed by our own talented group of professional musicians. Every client that we work for has special needs and we customize our products for each specific purpose. This in house service brings with it a personal touch that you will be sure to notice.

Browse our three separate libraries and you'll find different musical types for all kinds of situations. The Spot delivers custom tracks that were written specifically for commercial applications. The Source is a library full of songs that can be used in many different entertaining situations. The Score has selections that are used in television shows, advertising and full length feature films that require mood setting dramatic effects. You'll find original music that is beyond the ordinary.

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Original Music Score Highlights

As a custom music creator, Jeco Music sets the standard for creativity. When you work with us, we'll provide you with an original music score that will make your project stand out above all others. Even though there are thousands of songs that can be selected from any other typical stock music library, many people can remember when they first heard a specific song and what they associate it with. Just because a stock song hasn't been used in many years does not guarantee that your customers won't associate it with something else. Original music has the advantage of identifying your brand, whether that is an advertised product, a movie or a television show.

Using composers to help you create something original will ensure that your creativity will endure. We are specialists in creating lasting impressions that our clients use to attract and keep their target audiences.