Music Licensing Companies

When it comes to music composition, there are a host of options available to those artists, marketers, and individuals working on creative spots for advertising, film, and other projects. How can you choose among music licensing companies? Which are reputable? Which offers the highest quality?

Jeco has heard the demands for high quality, original music compositions and offers several ways to get the score you need for your project.

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Your Personal Music Consultant

Here at Jeco Music, we want to be your music consultant, not just a provider of stock compositions. Here are just some of the ways you can use our site and our company to find the music you need:

Take a tour of the site to see what we can do and take advantage of these tools to help you find the right music for your next project. Don’t waste time and money with music licensing companies that offer stock material—you need originality! It’s the key to marketing and film success. Please contact us for rates on our music or to tell us how we can best help you with your endeavor.

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